Laser Etching

BE: Unique with Laser Etching

Spanning 24 embroidery heads, each capable of decorating your logo with up to 15 colors, our laser bridge means business!  Full back logos?  Intricate multi-layer laser cut applique and stitch down?  No problem!

In addition, the laser can be used as a decoration process of its own, sans thread.  This permanent method of decorating is ideal for those wanting to achieve a stylish, unique and tonal look that will have people doing double takes!

Without compromising the fabric, laser etching uses an intense beam of light to burn the top layer of polyester fabrics.

Added bonus… It will not wash out or fade!

We recommend using mid-tone colors and garment types such as micro-fleece and bonded fleece soft shells, polos and technical athletic-wear (polyester)

  • Keep in mind: Since this is a tonal effect, it does not show on white or black fabrics.



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