“Whomever digitized the logo, GREAT JOB.  The client has an office in Scotland that did some shirts over there.  They received some from us (Lilly daVid) and said theirs didn’t compare.  Thanks as always for doing work that I can be proud of.”

Quality embroidery starts with impeccable digitizing.  It is impossible to deliver showstopping stitch-work with poor digitizing.  This is why we offer in-house digitizing for jobs embroidered at our facility in addition to our decoration services.  You can be assured that your logo is exactly the way you envision.

We will help you decide on logo size, placement, colors and other specifics.  Once approved on paper, we will begin to translate your design into stitches and run a pre-production swatch for approval before we proceed in decorating the actual order.

Most of our clients choose to have us create their stitch files as they find comfort in knowing that they are in our quality care from absolute beginning to finish.  If you choose, we also will decorate your order with your supplied .dst stitch file.

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